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Dusky Leaf Yoga Blog

What’s your favourite yoga asana? For many people, Savasana is the winner.

It’s so popular you can even buy clothing that announces your love of Savasana with sayings like “I’m just here for the Savasana” or “I do Yoga, as long as it’s Savasana.”

Savasana is much more than just lying down, and it’s definitely not sleeping. It can be an entire and com...

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What do you do to feel good? There’s lots of things that we do; some are good for us and some are awesome for us.

Just like a good nap, a good twist is good for you and can feel really great during and afterward!

Twisting Safely to Good Health

If we’re going to twist to feel good, then we must make sure we twist safely! There’s many different yoga asa...

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We’ve all felt it before. Perhaps it’s a new posture, or you’re new to yoga, and you have no idea if you’re doing it right. How can you make sure?

Take it back to the Beginning

Many people started yoga with drop-in classes or from a video; in doing so, they missed feedback from a teacher. This feedback and attention is important so that each student ...

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Travel to far away places brings excitement and adventures. Jet lag and travel exhaustion can be a temporary damper to new experiences. Building on your regular yoga practice will help you adapt to your new surroundings more quickly.

Pre-Travel Preparation

Preparation is key! With packing, planning, and anxiety of finishing everything up, the days be...

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This question has surely come up in your mind many times. Maybe you were feeling tired, going to be late for class, or planned to practice on your own. We’ve all been there when the question comes up, should I go to yoga class?

Synergy in Group Practice

The concept of synergy definitely applies to Sadhana, or spiritual practice, when a group of peopl...

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