3 Great Reasons to Practice Yoga in the Winter

As the temperatures begin to drop during the winter, it can become harder and harder to leave the nest of our sofa and venture into the world – or even our bedroom – to practice yoga. Plain and simple, a nice, vigorous vinyasa practice is going to build heat in our bodies that will keep us toasty during the winter.

Even When You’re Not Doing It, Yoga Can Help

Sometimes life gets really, really hard. This is, of course, a truth that yoga helps us observe. As seasoned yoga practitioners, we know how good we can feel if we just commit to our yoga practice. We have seen the light that yoga can lend to our lives.

Three Ways to Creativity Through Yoga Practice

Whether you are a yoga teacher who paints on the side, a full-time author who enjoys a weekly class, or a yoga practitioner who’s always wanted to try something creative, you are on the right track with yoga! As connections between the two types of practice reveal themselves to you, they can be cultivated to make yoga one of the most valuable tools in your artistic arsenal!

Can Yoga Just Be Fun?

Somewhere along this path to enlightenment which you call yoga, you forgot that part of the whole point is balance! You’re allowed to have fun during yoga practice, you’re allowed to laugh, and you’re really, really allowed to be present with others in the yoga studio and seek connection even when they veer off the path you thought they should take.