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About Dusky Leaf Yoga

Callum & Maggie

Welcome to Dusky Leaf Yoga. We are the husband-and-wife team behind the scenes, working with our combined heart and soul to provide Canada's yoga community with yoga products of the highest quality.

These days more and more Canadians are turning to yoga for physical and spiritual well-being. We first discovered yoga's restorative power during a year abroad in Thailand. To counter the hustle and bustle of busy Bangkok, we took refuge in the many yoga retreats and beautiful beaches that grace that kingdom.

It was during our travels throughout Southeast Asia that we first encountered the Dusky Leaf monkey — the peaceful and playful creature that inspired our mission. In more ways than one, life in the tropics taught us the importance of a balanced lifestyle and of living in harmony with one's environment.

That spirit of harmony finds expression in the ancient concept of Prana (or Qi), the energy of the universe. It might sound far-fetched, but if you consider the ubiquity of gravity, it seems obvious that our bodies are connected to the universe through a single force. Yoga is about channeling the power of gravity into our bodies by playing with it. Playfulness is the key that unlocks that power.

Yoga works its magic almost imperceptibly, revealing its healing power to the faithful who make daily practice a cornerstone of living. When we first set out on this journey together, we never thought yoga would have such a powerful influence on our lives. But here we are, thanks to that special transformation!

We strive to bring you eco-friendly products that are affordable, because we believe that sensitivity to the environment should not be a luxury. It should be fundamental to what we do. That is our deepest commitment — one that we hope you will share with us.

Thanks again for visiting. We wish you the best in your pursuit of superior health and well-being.

Jon & Maggie

Founders, Dusky Leaf Yoga

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